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Meet the men and women on our leadership team

Burke & Caroline Montoya

Senior Pastors of Way of Life Church

It has been a privilege and honor to be serving as the Pastors of Way of Life Church for the past fourteen years. The leadership and those who call WOLC their home are an incredible group of generous and loving followers of Christ. They have adopted the biblical principle that the grace that comes “to you” must go “through you” to others (1 Peter 4:10). Along with serving our local community, generously supporting missionaries around the world is not something that we do, but who we are. We believe these are key characteristics of a healthy church.

Our kids and grandkids joyfully fill most of the gaps we have in between pastoring and the busyness of our lives. Our lives are normal, nothing extravagant, except the powerful truth of eternal life in Christ that we preach. Our stories are real because life is real. We hope to someday meet you and have the opportunity to pour into your lives!

In Christ's love
- Pastor Burke & Caroline Montoya

Meet the team

Eric & Laura Elias

Associate Pastors

Isaac & Sara Herrera

Young Adult's Pastors

Victor & Monica Millian

Youth Pastors

Josh & Alicia Sena

Worship Pastors

Ismael Paramo

Media Pastor